New pumping system reduces firefighting jet refill time - Rain for Rent New pumping system reduces firefighting jet refill time - Rain For Rent

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New pumping system reduces firefighting jet refill time

Greatly reduced turnaround time allows for more firefighting jet trips in a day.

Several massive fires blazed in the summer of 2013 charring nearly 300,000 acres across Northern California. Fighting these fires involved the aerial approach of a DC-10 air tanker jet. The quicker that firefighters could fill the jet’s 12,000 gallon tank with fire retardant, the quicker the fire could be contained.

Rain for Rent was able to transfer the fire retardant mixture twice as fast as their previous system which doubled the number of plane trips in a day. 

10 Tanker Air Carrier Refills with Fire Retardant

Using a 21,000 gallon tank and a 4-inch pump, Rain for Rent was able to establish a mobile retardant mixing station and refilling station close to the runway, allowing the firefighting plane to respond to emergencies faster.

After working with Rain for Rent, the fire response contractor was pleased to learn they could count on similar liquid transfer and storage solutions across the country.

DC10 refills with Rain for Rent pumped retardant

Rain for Rent’s proven emergency response experience with wildfires, floods and hurricanes backed by a nationwide network of branches allows for quick deployment of equipment at a moment’s notice. 

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