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  1. How can I monitor pH and turbidity levels on my jobsite to ensure compliance? Details

    Jobsite runoff can have pH and turbidity levels that could be harmful if discharged into receiving waters or storm drains. It can also lead to costly fines. To help monitor water onsite, saving time and money, Rain for Rent developed a system that monitors and pH and turbidity. The system will automatically divert flows if pH and turbidity are not within specifications. The PWQMS is portable and monitors pH and turbidity levels in a closed system before discharging, allowing you to meet point source discharge standards. Whether you are dewatering for construction, or bypassing flows, this portable water treatment and monitoring system will keep your job on task.

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  2. How can I hold or handle sewer flows when repairs are needed at a waste water treatment facility? Details

    Rain for Rent offers scalable solutions for waste containment for municipal waste water treatment plants and systems. When treatment plants go offline, the flow doesn't stop coming. Rain for Rent will create a system to temporarily contain waste, bypass waste to an alternate treatment point, or design a custom system to fit your needs utilizing our full line of high flow pumps, large tanks and pipe.

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  3. How can I prevent track out from a hazardous soil excavation project? Details

    An eastern U.S. contractor preparing to do excavation on a site with hazardous material in the soil wanted to prevent tacking any possible material off of the jobsite. Rain for Rent installed a Conline Wheel Wash system that would provide up to 150 daily truck movements for medium soiling even in bad weather. The solution proved efficient as the contractor had portability for future relocation with the Wheel Wash system.

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  4. How can I temporarily expand my wheel line irrigation system? Details

    An Idaho farmer looking to expand his wheel line irrigation to additional fields over multiple acres asked Rain for Rent to provide him an extension to his existing system. To help improve the grower’s system, Rain for Rent provided a quote for two wheel lines with 5-foot wheels, 4-inch lateral pipes, and sprinklers. The system will be powered by crop king wheel moves with gas-powered hydraulic motor.

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  5. How can a municipality plan ahead for sewer and flood emergencies? Details

    City planners reached out to Rain for Rent to develop emergency action plans for pump suppliers in the event of a sewer line break. The city said it needed a company it could contact by phone or email 24 hours a day. Together with the city we developed an emergency response plan to ensure pumps and crew would always be just a phone call away when needed.

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